About Us

About Us
SanaVita Medical was launched in 2015 to deliver contract manufacturing and process services for medical devices and products with pharmaceutical actives. We work closely with our partner, Secant Group, to provide expertise in textile components and advanced biomaterials. Also, we have expertise in the development, manufacture, and finishing of drug-containing medical devices and combination products.

SanaVita has access to over 10,000 Sq. Ft. of cleanroom space. We are an FDA registered contract manufacturer with ISO 13485:2016 certification.


Vision and Values

At SanaVita Medical, we’re committed to working closely with you to streamline your supply chain and get your product to market smoothly and efficiently.

To achieve this mission, we’ve dedicated ourselves to a relentless commitment to quality, open collaboration with our clients, and timely responsiveness. We share your same passion for innovation, invention and delivering a product of exceptional quality that people can rely on.

Our Approach

In some cases, selecting a contract manufacturer with a varied set of capabilities—from component design and manufacturing to complete device assembly and finishing makes good financial sense. By partnering with a high-quality contract manufacturer, you’re free to focus on your company’s core technology.

Our approach is based on collaboration and flexibility. When you partner with SanaVita, you get a highly experienced device engineering team to support you every step of the way. Our experts are here to collaborate and guide your product through its extended lifecycle.

Since no two products are the same, our highly flexible in-house production capabilities can be customized to meet your requirements. We have the expertise and resources to do as much or as little as you need to bring your product to market smoothly and efficiently.